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The treasured child of multimedia artist, sex worker and activist Ambrosia Bardos (Morher), Anhedonia Productions creates captivating moving and still images in collaboration with sex workers, fringe artists, and sexually marginalized visionaries.

Inspired by intersections of queer, indigenous, and sex worker moving image genealogies, many works incorporate symbols and imagery in conversation with historic works or with improvisatory room for collaboration with our collective ancestry.

With a complex background in event production, installation building, metal and textile fabrication, and audio/video production, we are able to offer full service video and event production. 





Rates depend on the complexity of project, usually within a $250-$2000 sliding scale range.  Services extend from short promotional videos to full length films with set design, adornment design, web and marketing design and consultation, talent curation, location scouting and scoring available.




amnesia (at) anhedoniaproductions (dot) com